Global Life Expectancy Rises Again, but New Challenges Loom

Tom Miles
(Reuters, May 15, 2014)
“Average life expectancy has risen globally to 73 years for a girl born in 2012 and 68 for a boy following successes in fighting diseases and child mortality…Big advances in the battles against infectious diseases…have continued to extend life expectancy although other factors, such as people’s lifestyles, are constraining longevity, the [World Health Organization] WHO said in its annual statistics report. The longest life expectancy at birth is for baby girls in Japan…and boys in Iceland…Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, Italy and Luxembourg rank in the top 10 for both sexes…The lowest life expectancy is in sub-Saharan Africa, where nine countries have expectancy of less than 55 for babies of both sexes. Lifestyle changes leading to heart problems and other diseases were curbing life expectancy in some cases.”
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